How your money is being spent

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for this thoughtful and very worthwhile initiative during these extraordinary times. It has been amazing to witness the kindness and generosity of spirit shown by individuals, local businesses and community groups over the last several weeks to Kingston Hospital and its staff, at what is clearly a very worrying and difficult time for so many people.
The monies that have been donated are enabling us to create two new areas for staff to be able to take time away from the pressures of their daily roles.  We have also been upgrading existing rest areas, while repurposing some for sleep. Many staff are having to spend longer periods of time at the hospital with revised shift patterns, so having access to rest areas has become even more important.  
Work is also underway to provide additional showers for staff and improve the outdoor seating areas.  Looking forward we also expect to use some of the monies being donated to support the mental health and wellbeing of the staff over the coming months.
Thank you very much again for your support and for caring about Kingston Hospital. We are very grateful.
With best wishes,
Rob Aldous
Interim Head

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