Abdul Gellaledin was an ambulance care assistant in Kingston, south-west London. His job was to take patients from their homes, and care and nursing homes, to hospital and back. His family reportedly said he had been worried about Covid-19 as his requests for any form of protective gear had been “refused by his employers.”

The Guardian newspaper reports: “One day in March, he was sent to pick up a patient from hospital. They found the patient unaccompanied in a wheelchair, and coughing. When they raised concerns, they were told by a nurse she had tested negative for Covid-19. They took her home, only to realise that she needed to be carried upstairs as she had no carer at the time; Gellaledin tried to avert his face while the patient coughed. They were not told that any physical assistance would be required, and were consequently unprepared; they were also not told that another ambulance crew had already declined the assignment on the grounds it was not safe. The patient later tested positive.”

On 9 April, Gellaledin died of coronavirus after 11 days on a ventilator at Kingston Hospital. He was 53.

This is a photo a colleague took when Kingston nurse Yoshi Bunce Kawajigashi Alvarado heard the new a close friend had just been taken to St Thomas hospital ICU with covid

At the time, she says “We didn’t have any PPE.. and the head cap I’m wearing???.. it was a disposable pillow case..(!)”

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