Warrington doortraits

Katy Jordan, is a photographer based in Winwick, Warrington:

“Spring 2020….a season we will always remember.

I have been documenting our time in ‘lockdown’ via images on my facebook page. I wanted to keep a diary to show my girls when they are older. The images have generated a huge amount of interest from clients who loved our lockdown haircuts, home workout routines & daily homeschool struggles. Families replied with images of what they had been doing and it was great to see.

I wanted to keep myself busy, do something for my local community and maybe raise some money for our precious NHS. The idea of ‘doorstep portraits’ was perfect. It seemed like the best way to capture other families time at home during this historic time.

The rules had to be pretty strict, photographs had to be taken from a distance which meant relying on my long lens. The photographs were taken as part of my daily exercise, and only in walking distance of my house. There was no dress code, dress up, dress down…just be you, as you are, right now.

Images were shared via digital download meaning no contact on deliveries.

The response was amazing, so many families jumped at the chance to document ‘ the one were they stayed home’.  Dogs, cats, grannies, rainbows and two newborn babies made an appearance on their doorsteps… it was an uplifting & positive experience.

I am delighted to say we have raised £259 so far

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